Diary of a Wantrepreneur

Hello. My name is Steve and I am an Wantrepreneur.

Feels good to get that off my chest. I just closed Air Ambassadors, a lifestyle clothing company for aviation enthusiasts. That turns out to be my third failed (from a lack a passion) business. First I started Metal Bowties, then came Chesty before this last round. What do all three of these companies have in common? I never used any of the products I created, I was never active in the industry, hobby, or interest I was supposed to be selling to. It’s no wonder why they fell flat.

I used to think the cliche “do what you’re passionate about” was not true, and justified my disbelief by telling myself I can just make money in the space that I would sell in. Now that might be true for some people, some have Shopify stores and online e-commerce stores in niches that they have no interest in, and do well. Not me. I couldn’t make it work, and when the down days and trouble came the lack of passion made it easy for me to justify giving up.

Customers can see that lack of passion, they know what is real and what isn’t. They can feel or spot a phony, and they absolutely love founders that are passionate about their niche. Note to self: be that kind of founder.

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